epiticon - The world's first Dual Action Thread1. Biodegradable material PDO, PCL2. Simple and easy procedure with blunt cannula3. Dual action that enables lifting, gathering, tightening, smoothing


AlidyaTM is the first injection device specifically indicated for the prevention and treatment of gynoid lipodystrophy (cellulitis).


Our studies conducted by Professor Pasquale Motolese, who identified as a contributing factor in the genesis of cellulite, the presence of extracellular toxic ions, the changes deposited as a result of vascular microcirculation.


The action of AlidyaTM are performed using solubilization, and therefore the removal of these extracellular toxic elements, as well as the restoration of normal cell homeostasis, which is clinically translated by an improvement of areas suffering from or predisposed to development of cellulite.