Laboratories FILLMED have a expertise in hyaluronic acid. A custom-built production unit with latest generation technologies was designed specifically for ART FILLER®.

In compliance with stringent quality requirements, the factory guarantees a manufacturing process in line with strict international standards: ISO 14644-1 and ISO 13485. All of our syringes are individually inspected, manually and visually assessed, one by one, ensuring maximum quality and security standards.

FILLMED Laboratories invest in its innovative manufacturing, with 20% of the sales revenue being dedicated to R&D every year.

FILLMED plans the scientific studies thanks to the most updated technologies in order to prove the performance and safety of its products.


The NanoSoft™ is made up of 3 silicone micro-cones of 0,6mm. It is single-use and can be adapted to all syringes. It allows practitioners to
perform “standard” and accurate injections into the dermis. The NanoSoft™ is around three times smaller than a normal injection needle.
It improves patient comfort, minimises the risk of bruising and makes the rest of the aesthetic protocol easier: small papules immediately form and quickly spread the product around the dermis. These papules do not last longer than 24 hours.
Treating the eyelids is always a challenge: the procedure has to be effective but not too aggressive because it can be painful
for the patients. With the NanoSoft™, the procedure is comfortable and the patients are reassured. Good results can be achieved on crow’s feet wrinkles and neck. These delicate areas often suffer from bruising, which could put some patients off having the injections.