Dermis Hellas

3Dose Orange Pack

The 3Dose Orange Pack features the dose unit setting options 0.01ml, 0.02ml and 0.04ml for the dilution amounts 1.0ml and 2.0ml.

The audible and tactile feedback ensures that doctors can really focus on the treatment and not the amount of dosing. There’s no need for visual control of the plunger position on the syringe, thus enabling 100% focus on patient. The display will show the remaining dose units countdown.

Minimum product loss

When using a regular syringe product loss can easily add up to 0.08ml of toxin.  However, with the 3Dose™ Unit Dose Injector in combination with a low-dead space needle hub, product loss is minimized. This means significant cost savings. Leakage or pop-off is prevented by a perfect press fit between the secure Luer-Lock connection and the needle hub.

As botulinum toxin injections progressively increase as a major injectable procedure in cosmetic medicine, it has become apparent that accurate dosing and precise injection placement are critical aspects for an improved clinical outcome. BoNT injections currently have a 10-20% inaccuracy rate, and there continues to be inadequate control and traceability on how many units are actually being injected. Inaccurate doses and placement may potentially result in a debilitating and unsightly (even unbalanced) appearance, thus a dissatisfied patient.

Dilution Table

A major improvement for doctors is the ease of use for converting the label dosing on the toxin packaging to the exact unit dosing with the syringe/injector.
A simple dilution table on the box helps to find the right injector (green or orange) and select the right scale (one out of three) in the injector.The conversion of the units in the vial and the recommended dilution results in the exact setting for your treatment.


The 3Dose™ injector is available in a green and orange version. Each with different user preffered dose unit settings, related to the various NaCL solutations used to dilute the BoNT.

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