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NanoPass’s MicronJet TM 30pcs / Box

NanoPass’s MicronJet Technologies is a commercial stage pioneer in the development of virtually painless intradermal delivery solutions for vaccines and drugs. Supported by extensive clinical data and regulatory approvals in leading markets, NanoPass is expanding its availability by partnering with pharma companies and distributors aiming to provide better patient care worldwide.

The flagship product of NanoPass’s MicronJet, is the 0.6mm MicronJet, the first and only true microneedle to receive FDA clearance as an intradermal delivery device for substances approved for delivery into the skin.

NanoPass’s MicronJet is ISO 13485 certified.

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Instructions for use – MicronJetTM


  • Hold syringe flanges between thumb and fingers
  • The blue line must face you at all times
  • Syringe flanges are not the orientation guide as they may not always be parallel to the blue line; use the blue line for orientation


  • Stretch the skin downwards throughout the entire injection
  • Insert the device at a 45° angle
  • Press the device into the skin until a shllow indentation is formed


  • Inject slowly, expect strong resistance
  • A white wheal (bleb) will form at the injection site
  • Upon completion, wait 3 seconds and remove syringe

In case of leakage, follow the common practice as with a regular needle and syringe

Factors that result in major leakage:

  • Injection may have started out wet – avoid pressing the plunger prior to injection
  • Syringe not held properly – make sure you hold the syringe flanges between fingers and thumb; avoid switching hands
  • Improper device orientation – make sure blue line faces you during injection
  • Syringe is not tilted sideways or rotated
  • Too high / low injection angle – make sure angle between syringe axis and skin surface is as close as possible to 45˚
  • Insufficient pressure applied to the skin – increase slightly
  • Skin not stretched – make sure to keep the skin stretched throughout the entire injection

Effects of small/no bleb without leakage:

  • Large air bubble within syringe – make sure to fill syringe properly and remove air bubbles
  • The fluid is leaking between the device and the syringe – make sure you firmly connect the device to the syringe

The causes of high injection pressure:

  •  Too much pressure is applied to the skin – reduce slightly
  • Improper injection angle – too high. Make sure angle between syringe axis and skin surface is as close as possible to 45˚
  • Skin type or texture – try different injection site


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