Dermis Hellas

Haircare C Line

HAIRCARE C Line solution takes care of the scalp. The scalp is soothed, hydrated, hair loss is slowed down. Dandruff are less visible*. Hair is nourished, more resistant.
It regains its radiance, softness and suppleness*.

Product function: hair solution.

Application site: scalp.

Mode of use: after scalp cleaning with an appropriate solution, apply proper amount on the area and realize a scalp massage until complete absorption.

Case: 10 vials x 5 mL.

*Answers provided by more than 75% of the respondents in the satisfaction questionnaire from the evaluation of the clinical and dermatological tolerance and acceptability of a cosmetic product after a 28-day period of application under normal conditions of use – in use test under dermatological control on 23 volunteers.