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Ejal 40 with this optimal formula stimulates the best hyaluronic acid receptors present in the skin, quickly reducing and eliminating the signs of the natural aging process.
40mg/2ml and 1200 – 1800kDaltons



KAIRAX is divided into 3 types:
FINE, DEEP and Sub -Q depending on the viscoelasticity.
it can be applied from the entire face to the neck with the appropriate type of product depending on the application area, required amount, and desired treatment direction, etc.



IBSA Derma's PROFHILO® product line represents a new approach to body treatment: simple and complete, it is the result of careful listening of women's needs.


Revolax ™

Revolax™ is a biodegradable, non-animal cross-linked dermal filler, used for volumetric corrections of the nose, cheekbones, chin, cheeks and jaw.

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As a customer focused wholesaler of Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers and aesthetic medical devices, Dermis Hellas is focused on supplying the highest and most demanded brands and products to our customers worldwide – always dispatched fast and safe.

We carefully select our partnerships with leading international aesthetic manufacturers, and we always maintain a clear focus on long-term committed relationships with respect for the agreements we enter into.

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In 2016, Dermis Hellas became successful due to the company’s strategy which was laid to build a foundation for steady growth as well as becoming one of the distribution leaders in cosmetics, medical devices and generaly at beauty industry.