Dermis Hellas

vi Stylus

ViStylus’s effects on easing pain during facial needling and injections are clinically proven.

Using the body’s nervous system, viStylus impedes transmission of sharp pain sensation to the brain by closing a “gate” mechanism within cells in the dorsal horn of the spinal column. When viStylus is used close to an injection site, Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall’s Gate Control Theory of Pain comes into play.

Stimuli created when viStylus is brought into contact with the skin, is received by large nerve fibres and transported to projection cells in the spinal column. When injecting, small nerve fibres carry sharp pain sensation to these same projection cells. When using viStylus and injecting simultaneously, inhibitory neurons “gate” the more intense pain of the needle tip and subdue its transmission to the brain.

Just as running a burn under cold water stops sharp pain, or rubbing a bumped elbow eases an ache, using viStylus while injecting dulls or eliminates pain.


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