Dermis Hellas

Epiticon (W-Type) 18g, 100mm

The world’s first Dual Action Thread1. Biodegradable material PDO, PCL2. Simple and easy procedure with blunt cannula3. Dual action that enables lifting, gathering, tightening, smoothing

It is contouring lifting thread, general-purpose catheter cannula, and sterilized needle. It is used for the purpose of medical treatment for the purpose of not administering drugs and the like.

  • Needle Gauge: 18g
  • Length of Needle: 100mm
  • Length of Thread: 92mm
  • Packing: 4pcs/box


The Structure of Internationally Patented Thread

Each unit of epiticon carries out of Dual Action of pulling and fixing.

60mm has 64 Multi-Anchoring Points (16 units), and

90mm has 96 Multi-Anchoring Points (24 units) to hold the skin tissue.


Immediate effect

Each unit of epiticon has an immediate effect of Dual Action of pulling and fixing

Continued effect

Even if the thread breaks or partially dissolves, fixation continues by the Multi-Anchoring Points


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