Dermis Hellas

Cytocare 715 C Line

CYTOCARE 715 C Line is the skin redensifying** solution for a plumping effect**.
Skin looks naturally softer and brighter** thanks to anti-aging potential*.
It reduces wrinkles** and fine lines**.

Product function: skin re-densifying solution.

Application site: face, neck and décolleté.

Mode of use: after skin cleaning, apply proper amount on the dedicated zone and massage until complete absorption.

Case: 5 vials x 5 mL.

*Assessment of the anti-aging potential, of clinical and dermatological tolerance and of acceptability of a cosmetic product after a 28-day application period on 22 volunteers.
**Answers provided by more than 80% of the respondents in the satisfaction questionnaire from the evaluation of the clinical and dermatological tolerance, of the anti-aging potential and the acceptability of a professional cabin care after 1 session under normal conditions of realization – in use test under dermatological control on 15 volunteers.